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Heating Oil Tank Replacement -

Many homes across Devon and the south west have metal heating oil tanks. If this is more than ten years old, then odds on it will need to be replaced. Even though many owners of metal fuel tanks take care of them, checking and painting the tank every year, it can be impossible to detect a major problem until the leak begins. Because of the inherent properties of metal, condensation can and eventually will occur inside the tank, which will lead to corrosion from the inside working out. Don't be completely surprised if your meticulously maintained metal oil tank develops a nasty brown patch and starts dripping oil on your garden. This is where our oil tank replacement services can help you.

A modern plastic oil tank will be as strong as an older metal tank, and yet remain totally free from corrosion and require almost zero maintenance. We can even transfer the oil from your old tank to your new tank, saving you a bit of money.

Heating Oil Tank Replacement
Registered by OFTEC as qualified to work on oil fired appliances.

There are regulations regarding oil tank installations, and these really are in place for your safety and the benefit of everyone. Oil leaks are very serious as well very costly to clean up. Oil leaks can have disasterous consequences to the environment and there have been massive fines levelled against people who allowed these leaks to occur.

The cheif culprit in most heating oil tank leaks is lack of maintenance, our plastic tanks do not require maintenance beyond an annual inspection, especially of the fittings. The other cause of leaks is poor installation. Where a tank has been positioned badly or on a base that has not been prepared correctly. We always ensure that the base is up to standard, this prevents the tank shifting during refilling. If a tank moves on the base the fittings can come loose and leak.

Devon Oil Tank Replacement  

If you decide that you need to replace your heating oil tank, we can not only supply you with a new one, but offer a complete installation service. Our professional replacement service covers supply, delivery and installation of your new tank as well as removal of your old tank and cleaning up after ourselves.

If you are changing to oil fired heating we can discuss with you how and where to site the tank. This is important, for practical and regulatory reasons as well as having implications on the cost.

As OFTEC registered engineers, we are qualified and exerienced in providing comprehensive inspection and maintenance of oil tanks as well as oil fired appliances. Something OFTEC recommends you carry out at least once a year.
  Our oil tank replacement, maintenance and inspection service is available across Okehampton, Tavistock, Launceston and the rest of Devon and Cornwall.  

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