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Bunded? That's not in my dictionary. What does it mean?

Quite simply, a bunded tank is a tank built within another larger tank. The outermost tank is at least 10% larger than the inner tank. This provides a double level of protection, any leaks in the inner tank are caught by the outer. The outer tank is large enough to catch any leaks from the inner tank without spilling. Large or commercial tanks must (by UK law) be bunded, but common household tanks are usually fine.

So what is the difference a bunded tank and a double skinned tank?

A double skinned oil tank is nothing more than a single skinned tank with a second layer over the top. This makes it stronger than a single skinned tank (but not by much, any impact sufficient to puncture the outer skin is likely to go through the inner skin as well).

Is this better than a Non-Bunded (single-skinned) Tank?

A single skinned tanks is usually sufficient for most homes – this changes if the tank is over a certain size, serves more than one property, is used for commercial purposes or is in an environmentally delicate area (such as an AONB). Your local council will have the information regarding any local restrictions regarding this and we can gudie you to finding the right tank to meet these requirements.

Can I put the tank anywhere on my property?

This is all defined by buildings and boundaries, where your land ends and your neighbours or public land begins. For safety reasons the tank con not be set too close to buildings or boundaries. An oil tank smaller than 3400 litres can be installed within 760mm (30") of any boundary and must also be more than 1.8m (6ft) from a building. Where this is impossible the tank has to be contained in a fire-proofed container, ask for more details. Oil tanks can be situated inside your home, but we don't usually recommend this, it makes it harder to access for maintenance or refilling. You will also have to ensure that it is in its own fire-proofed room with lots of regulations governing the details of the structure.

What is the big deal with being OFTEC registered?

OFTEC (Oil Firing TEChnical Association for the Petroleum Industry), the oil burning equivilent to GasSafe (or Corgi). Not only do they ensure that members are qualified but also keeps them up to date with training and updates regarding changes to legislation. To be OFTEC registered an engineer has to pass an exam.

Does my old tank need to be empty before you fit a new one?

Oil isn't free, but if you decide to update your heating oil tank, you won't have to wait until you've used all of the oil in the old one. We can pump out all of the oil from your old tank and pump it into your new one.

What about the old oil tank?

We will take it away with us when we have finished and dispose of it properly, in accordance with environmental legislation.

Can you move an existing tank without needing to replace it?

Usually, we can do this without any problems. Moving oil tanks is a common job, usually to make way for a new patio or decking. But obviously it does depend on the condition of your existing tank.

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